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Our center for physical therapy is dedicated to helping clients achieve real results via the McKenzie method. We offer sports rehabilitation and other services.

If you’ve been searching for a center for physical therapy that provides real, proven results, you should contact Premier Plus Physical Therapy today. We use the effective McKenzie Method, developed by renowned physiotherapist Robin McKenzie, to treat our clients. Around the globe, there is ongoing research regarding the McKenzie Method and how it can be applied to treat neck, back, and extremity symptoms. Our physical therapy team uses this technique to perform sports rehabilitation and other services. No matter what kind of pain you’re experiencing, we can help alleviate it. We are proud of the fact that we can help our clients get back to their normal lives and we strive for total satisfaction. Contact us to schedule your first appointment.


My Doctor at Cleveland clinic / spine center recommended the McKenzie exercise

At Premier Plus Physical Therapy ,  Our physical therapy experts Believe  that everyone has the right to  Live Happy , Healthy Pain free life. No matter how old you are, If you are suffering from Chronic Pain, We urge you to make an appointment with one of our caring Licensed physical Therapists. Our Physical Therapy center is dedicated to using the most effective methods, such as the McKenzie Method to bring relief to all our clients. Whether you have a sports injury , or a pain lasting from surgical procedure

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