Back Pain Treatment in Shelby Charter Township, MI

We Also Offer Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Spine replica used to treat back pain in Shelby Charter Township, MI
Premier Plus Physical Therapy Clinic  is ready to meet any and all of your needs for general orthopedic rehabilitation. When surgery or other medical treatment is not needed or warranted, physical therapy can still help. Our physical therapists evaluate and treat patients with a multitude of orthopedic related impairments such as:

Joint and Soft Tissue Contractures
General Weakness
Fall Prevention/Balance
Postural Training
Body Mechanics Training
Ergonomic Assessments
and many more
Premier Plus Physical Therapy Clinic  has a long-standing history of caring for the citizens of our community, and we embrace the privilege to help you with any needs you may have. The above list is by no means comprehensive; so if you have any potential issues where physical therapy may assist, please feel free to contact us.