Here's what our satisfied customers had to say...

I came with severe pain in the lumbo-sacral "low back" area . With Joseph Metias techniques and exceptional professional knowledge , the pain level dropped from 10 to 2 , also pain disappeared and for a change my ability and quality of life had improved 200%. this clinic provides exceptional physical therapy services. Mr Metias keep his patients always informed about their clinical status and progress on each visit.
M. Morsy Testimonial

"My family doctor had therapy provided here and highly recommended premier plus physical therapy. I went from pain everyday to Zero pain and full range of motion. Premier plus physical therapy staff were very professional , kind and caring. They were flexible with appointments around mu busy schedule . I learned how to fix what was causing the pain , not just massage or temporary fix. I was given exercise to do in the future if the problem re-occurs . I would definitely recommend having therapy here !! ."

S. Fick Testimonial

" I came in as the feedback on the website was good. I had a Shoulder Fracture with Shoulder pain and stiffness , very limited range in my arm. My arm is now stronger and I have a much better Range of Motion. The Physiotherapist and Staff are very Knowledgable, patient and understanding. They make the therapy easy, comfortable and the results are very good. "

M. Cooper

"I was referred to Premier Plus Physical Therapy By a Friend Because of the Good Reputation of Joseph as a therapist and his extensive training. The two most significant improvements that have resulted from working with premier plus physical therapy are increased range of motion in my neck and the education I received to get myself out of pain if it Reoccurs. Joseph truly works one on one with you."

T. Trombley

"I was referred to premier Plus Physical Therapy after an injury , I was referred to them by a Co-worker. I am feeling better and I had a comfortable  experience here. It is a great place to go for Physical Therapy. I've never been to any other Physical Therapy office and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do Physical Therapy but I am glad I listened to my Co-worker I had a wonderful time here and Joseph you are the best. you made me feel comfortable. I will use your services in the future if needed."

D. Shoupe Testimonial

"I was referred to premier Plus Physical Therapy by a professional colleague to treat severe hip and low back pain.  The two most significant improvements resulted from my therapy are less pain , improved gait and increase sense of well being. I will tell every future client don't be afraid , go and follow all directions, you will get better.  Joseph and team are wonderful people both kind and professional."

Lorraine Testimonial

"I hurt my back and couldn't work because of pain. After coming to premier plus physical therapy I had immediate improvement from the first session and learned how to prevent future back issues with exercise. Back pain lessened almost completely in first couple of weeks , The exercises were reasonable without a whole lot of different types needing to be done , So I was able to work them in easily."

J. Moore

"I came to premier plus physical therapy suffering from persistent back and shoulder pain. After coming here I noticed increase flexibility with minimal discomfort and overall increase in energy. If you looking to make physical movement less strenuous, I recommend  Premier plus physical therapy ."

J.Zapawa Testimonial

"I like the way you treated people here, I feel very comfortable when I'm here. My pain is gone, you guys work hard with your patient. I will tell everyone that I was so happy here and I feel a lot better than the first day I walked in here. I will tell my friends and family about the good results I have now. Thanks for everything, you guys are the best."

L.Butrus Testimonial

"My doctor recommended coming here which was a good idea. I have less pain in my hip and thigh. and I would tell anyone looking for physical therapy that you would be crazy not to come here."

C. Dwayne Testimonial